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See-Fish Technology are currently involved in many projects. We are working on a 3D motion capture system for gait analysis and improving our 3D image browser. Details of which are explained below.

3D Image Browser

We have previously developed a 3D image viewer 'See-View' that uses a VRML browser plug-in to display the images.
We then attempted to display the images in DHTML without the need for a plug-in.
Modern browsers now have the capability to display 3D scenes without the need for a plug-in using WebGL, so we are currently improving our 3D viewer to use this latest technology, Making 'See-View' more accessible over a wider range of platforms, including mobile touch screen devices.

3D Gait Analysis

We have developed an affordable 3D motion capture system for use in gait analysis, provisionally named 'See-Gait', the system uses 2 cameras to capture lower limb data when the subject is walking on a treadmill.
The motion sequence can be visualised in 3D and viewed at any angle to identify problems with gait. Also the data can be used to identify the range of motion in each of the joints, comparison of stride lengths, pronation problems, hip rotation etc.
Graphical output can also be obtained, for example each knee angle during the gait cycle.

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